Salary Potential With a Graphic Design Degree

The amount of money you’ll earn with a degree in graphic design depends on a number of factors. This is a broad field where you have the potential to make a lot of money if you make the right career choices; here’s the salary information you need to get started making those decisions:

Salary by Job Title

With a degree in graphic arts, you can pursue lots of different jobs. Your job title makes a huge difference in the amount you can expect to earn. Some of the most common jobs in this field, along with average salary, are as follows:

  • Art Director: $75,000
  • Creative / Design Director $100,000
  • Designer $45,000
  • Entry-Level Designer $36,000
  • Print Production Artist $47,500
  • Senior Designer $65,000
  • Web Designer $55,000

As you can see, the job where you take a leadership position or more responsibilities in some way are the jobs where you’ll typically make more money. This comes with experience – as you work in the field of graphic design, you’ll typically make more money. Form the list above alone, you can see that a senior designer makes almost twice as much as an entry-level worker in the same type of position. You can hope to make more money especially if you not only gain experience, but work for the same company over time. Loyalty can pay off!

More Money Through Skills

In the graphic design world more than in many others, you’ll make more money the more skills you have. There are thousands of programs you can learn to use, techniques you can perfect, and types of specialties you can take. Do you know how to create a font? Are you a master of Photoshop? Do you excel in photography? Being a well-rounded graphic artist who continuously learns new skills is more employable than someone who has fewer skills. Take classes to learn new things and you’ll make more money.

Freelance Graphic Design

As a graphic designer, you have the opportunity to be a freelancer, where you’ll work for yourself, designing projects for multiple clients. In this role, the average salary is over $100,000 annually, but keep in mind that this is also a very difficult career route, with most businesses closing in under five years. It takes a while to build your portfolio and fin great clients, but the pay off is an extremely high salary.

Guide to Graphic Design Degree Programs

Art Institute Online BFA in Graphic Design AAS in Graphic Design Art Institute Online - Students develop an understanding of color and composition, design and typography, and drawing board skills with an emphasis on learning the skills and techniques of computer graphics, electronic imaging, and production. By graduation, Graphic Design students have acquired the training and the portfolio necessary to interview for entry-level positions in advertising agencies, design studios, publishing houses, corporate communications departments, and television studios. The Art Institute Online is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS).
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Full Sail University MFA - Media Design BS - Graphic Design BS - Web Design Full Sail University - Full Sail University focuses on engaging students within the many facets of the media and design industries. Full Sail also works to combine hands-on experience with curriculum that follows the latest technological advances and contemporary trends. As such, students use cutting edge software to bring their ideas to life. Full Sail offers a MFA in Media Design and a Bachelor's program for Graphic Design and Web Design.
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