Graphicdesigndegree.com was created in 2010 by Grant Dobbins. I created this website when my roommate and I were searching for the right school to get a degree in Graphic Design. I have always been very computer savvy and wanted to get a start in a career in something that I love doing. After surfing various websites and researching what program was the right fit, I decided to make a site that listed all the information in one place.

There are tons of colleges that offer a graphic design degree, unfortunately there aren’t any reliable resources to use for comparing one college’s program to another. By the end of my research I had a decent working list of US graphic design degree programs, so I have incorporated that data, plus added other schools through revisions of the site and created what I believe is the most complete list of programs that offer a degree in Graphic Design on the web. My goal is to help future students by providing them with a starting point for their research.

Despite the fact that I ended up not pursuing graphic design and instead decided to pursue economics, I nonetheless frequently update the information listed on the site. As I am usually tied down with studying and a part time job during the week, I tend to check in with it every Sunday. If you notice any programs left off the list or errors on the page, please do not hesitate to email me and I will make the corrections accordingly. Thank you.

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